Presentation of my book «18 hyperbolic stories and an enigma»

In this video I open the doors to the presentation of my peculiar novel of intrigue: 18 hyperbolic stories and an enigma! At the MIMMA museum in Malaga with the introduction and comments by the great writer, Clara Do Roxo from Vigo (Galicia).

This hilarious book is available on Amazon globally, in Kindle, hardcover and paperback formats. The whole novel revolves around a main narrator (he or she is the great enigma), and 18 crazy stories based on real events with its 18 curious characters. My goal with this book? make you feel some times and, most importantly, smile others, in this tragicomedy that takes place in several Spanish cities and some in the United States.

What’s true and what’s false? Who are we really? What happens when someone defines, point-blank and without a filter, the people in front of them? What happens when we are in a situation that we had never imagined?

This is the underlying theme of this peculiar intrigue novel, surprising, hilarious, in which nothing is what it seems, in which the stories have as many truths as lies, in which the vicissitudes of life turn the vital trajectory to turn it into something much less serious. An unusual common bond for eighteen crazy stories that push the characters and also whoever reads to the limit.

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