Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Campabadal is Ambassador for Latin America at the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. Making known the projects, evolution and immense help provided by this excellent foundation with 50 years of history.

This foundation is focused on helping in the rural development of India, through dozens of projects such as: construction of homes, schools, hospitals, sponsorship of children, among many others.

Cristina, since she went to India ten years ago, she felt a special bond with its people and her culture. For this reason, she has decided to collaborate with them, sponsor and travel to India to see firsthand all the projects that have been carried out in Anantapur. She, being really impressed by all that they have achieved and the lives that they save day after day, the great team of the Foundation, from India, Spain and the USA.

She also helps publicize the foundation in Latin America and raise funds.

National Foundation For Cancer Research -NFCR-

It was in NYC that Campabadal met the President of the US National Cancer Foundation, Sujuan Ba. When she explained the great strides, they had made thanks to donor support and her accomplishments, she decided to help in some way.

It is a foundation that has raised nearly $ 400 million and has been adding, since 1973, through more than 5 million generous donors. Invested in studying the prevention, detection and fight against the different types of cancer that exist in the world.

Thanks to this, many laboratories and researchers continue their research for the same goal: to find the cure and save millions of lives every year.

For a few years, Cristina has been a Senior Advisor to the National Foundation for Cancer Research in the USA.

For Donations:

If you want to donate for research and the fight against cancer, click on this link.

If you want to donate to help the foundation or sponsor a child from India, click on one of the following links: US Web or Spain Web.

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