Walk with me2: New York (Midtown)

WALK WITH ME2: In this second video-documentary in Spanish that I have filmed for two hours and without cuts, I show you the Midtown neighborhood and Fifth Avenue, while I walk through Manhattan!! You will see from 19th to 60th streets, going through Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue, with obligatory stops such as: the great […]

Walk with me: New York (Times Square)

WALK WITH ME: In this two-hour video-documentary that I filmed in Spanish, I show you two magical areas of Manhattan as I walk through New York City: TIMES SQUARE and UPPER WEST SIDE! In “Walk with me”, my intention is that those who can’t travel to NYC, or who don’t know the city, even those […]

Presentation of my book «18 hyperbolic stories and an enigma»

In this video I open the doors to the presentation of my peculiar novel of intrigue: 18 hyperbolic stories and an enigma! At the MIMMA museum in Malaga with the introduction and comments by the great writer, Clara Do Roxo from Vigo (Galicia). This hilarious book is available on Amazon globally, in Kindle, hardcover and […]

Art Investment

Chapter 4 of: “THE INVESTOR MINUTE”. I talk to you about two of the many ways you can invest in ART.   ** Remind you that all my videos are EXPLANATORY. They do NOT contain recommendations. *** I hope in the comments your proposals of topics that you want me to deal with […]

Investment in sports

New episode of The Investor Minute. I explain two very different ways of investing in the world of sports.

Hotel Investment

Second episode of The Investor Minute. This time I am talking about Hotel Investment, in 2020 and so far this year. * Remind you that they are explanatory videos, NOT recommendations.

Invest in racing cars

In this first chapter of “The Investor Minute”, I talk about: Ways to invest in classic and competition cars. ** Remind you that all my videos are EXPLANATORY. They do NOT contain recommendations.

Presentation of The Investor Minute

Welcome to: “The Investor Minute!” Space in which, for a minute, I will talk about investments, the economy and the financial world. -They are explanatory videos, NOT recommendations-. I tell you more in this first video of introduction to this series of weekly interventions.

Webinar: Market News and Investor Psychology

WEBINAR given by Cristina Campabadal for Caja Rural de Asturias Private Banking clients, on current markets and investor psychology. And Presented by the Director of Patrimonial Banking of the entity, Roberto Garcia Villaverde.