Who is Cristina Campabadal?

Cristina was born in Barcelona, Spain. The place where she lived until she was 28, at which point she decided to live her American dream and go to the United States. She first go to Boston, then to NYC and finally to Miami.
She has been recognized among the Top 100 People in Finance in the US, 2021. She is Executive Consultant: Helping companies, investors, universities, and foundations to grow their business in Latin America, Spain, and US-> Investors and clients research, strategic planning, and business development strategies. Advice, Support, and Guidance to a company´s management team, fundraising and public relations.

When she arrived in Boston at the age of 28 and without knowing anyone, she had been working in the banking sector in Spain for 7 years. Due to her tenacity, proactivity, and perseverance, she managed to enter International Private Banking, moving to Miami where she has lived for 8 years.
There she worked for two years at Banco Santander Private Banking, managing a portfolio of fortunes in Latin America, specifically, the Andean region (Colombia and Perú).

She discovered, through her clients, what the world of investment management was like by being part of a private company called Multifamily Office. Her concept suited her perfectly, so she left banking to work as Director of Business Development for Latin America at a Spanish MFO, located in NYC and Miami.
Later, she was working for WE Family Offices, one of the Top multifamily offices in the US, with offices in Miami and NYC, where she was Relationship Manager for clients from Latin America, especially Colombia.
Cristina is a dynamic woman where she exists, she decided to enter the world of writing and communication in 2017. She obtained a master’s degree in «Narrative and creative writing». She also has a master’s degree in «Film, radio and TV script».

She has written since she was a child but it is now that she has published her first novel: “18 historias hiperbólicas y un enigma” inspired by real stories, available on Amazon. Besides being a columnist for Yahoo Finance USA, Latin America and Spain for years, writing about international investments and the world economic situation.

She has her own YouTube channel in which publishes her videos about her book, trips, webinars and conferences.

Professional Experience